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Digbeth – Property Investment Hotspot

Digbeth has been literally and figuratively the place for industrious people since many centuries. Digbeth is a district in Birmingham which holds the distinction of being named the coolest neighbourhood in Britain by the Sunday Times. This is just one of the accolades for this once hub of the industrial revolution that is associated with the famous Custard Factory cafes.

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Tanneries and blacksmiths have given way to production, gaming and creative agencies but this has been the place for industrious folk for centuries. The earliest settlements in Digbeth go back to the 7th century where its geographic closeness to the Rea river meant that there was easy access to drinking water and irrigation for crops. The closeness to the river also meant that Digbeth was a fertile place.

In 1156, it became an important trading hub and its prominence rose when Birmingham became the first manufacturing town in the world in 1791. In 1837, Alfred Bird, a chemist and druggist, discovered eggless custard powder and the site of his discovery is till date called Custard Factory. Today it is home to 15 acres of restored Victorian factories which are arguably the creative heart of Digbeth.  From desserts to the digital age, Digbeth has been at the centre of Birmingham’s growth as a great city where great things happen.

Connectivity in Birmingham

Accessible easily from all parts of Britain, The Birmingham Coach Station is a major coach interchange which offers services to all destinations in Great Britain and also to Belfast and Dublin. The original station was built in 1929 and the building which exists today was opened to public on 2009.

Birmingham is a major European centre that is also the youngest city in Europe making it a great place to live and work.

Living in Birmingham

The climate in Birmingham is mostly mild, with a summer temperature of 17 degree Celsius. Like most places in UK, rain is always a possibility. February is the coldest month while January is the wettest.

The people of Birmingham or Brummies’ as they are known are friendly and hospitable. Housing costs in Birmingham are reasonable compared to many other places in the world and a one bedroom flat in the City Centre can cost around £600+ a month while 1 bedroom flat outside the city centre could cost £400+ pounds.

Digbeth is a culturally melting pot of cultures that has English, Irish and Chinese population living side by side.

The rich industrial and historical facets of the city are about to be juxtaposed with the Birmingham Smithfield project where a 42-acre former wholesale market place will get a makeover into 2000 new homes, a public square, have leisure attractions and also a new home for Bull Ring markets. This is another move towards building on the history of this city which historically has always had a tryst with markets.

Food in the area

Digbeth is home to a variety of places to drink and eat. Digbeth is the place for foodies who want a unique and fun experience. Street food is the main draw in Digbeth. The most famous and symbolic of the Digbeth dining experience is the Digbeth Dining Club which is a held-on Fridays at the atmospheric spotlight club under the arches of the Lower Trinity street. You have a choice of Mexican, Thai, Filipino and even Rastafarian street food while barely making a crease on your pocket.

At the same time there is no need to wait till Friday and pubs such as the Old Crown are ready to welcome you with their sumptuous traditional home cooked food with alternating daily specials. This is accompanied by their ales and ciders. They also have bed and breakfast next door.


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